Once upon a time, as an eleven year old boy, I was a tone deaf kid with no chance of making it in the music industry along with a physical challenge on top of it all. Let’s avoid the word “disability” because disabilities disable, but challenges are meant to be conquered!

With a big push from my grandparents, many incredible mentors, and an unbreakable commitment that I made to God, I launched my solo career. Additionally, I became a licensed ordained minister, started a non-profit ministry, and acquired a college degree. In the midst of that, I discovered Brett Manning and his elite team of vocal coaches. 

They. Changed. My. Life.

I had never experienced such vocal freedom in such a short amount of time. I knew I needed more, so I dedicated myself to studying the Singing Success Method for the next eight years and as fate would have it, I’m now a certified Brett Manning Associate teaching alongside the very team that transformed my life. Here’s the moral of the story: Never give up on your dreams! If you have been given a calling and a passion, pursue it with everything that you have in you. If I can accomplish my dreams and goals, then why can’t you? If singing is your passion and you want to take your voice to the next level, I’d be so honored to work with you! Just call (615) 866-1099 or click www.singingsuccess.com and book an in studio or Skype lesson with me. I promise to help you discover the same vocal freedom that I found.

A 50 minute in studio or Skype lesson is priced at $100. Package deals are available. Also, if you are interested interested in  our instructional programs, they can be found by clicking here